Why Are My Shoes Causing Blisters

Sometimes you don’t need to have an allergic reaction to develop blisters on your feet. More often than not, the cause of the blisters is inside the shoe. There are several reasons why your shoes could end up causing the development of blisters.

Tight-fitting shoes

This is the first and obvious reason why your feet develop those fluid-filled sacs around your toes and heels. When you wear tightly fitting shoes, the friction between the shoes and your skin is high enough to exert pressure on your skin, which leads to the development of blisters in the long run. get more details about their sizes and the size of your feet before buying any shoes.

Strappy shoes

Strappy shoes have several pressure points on their unevenly distributed surface. The sharp edges around the straps rub and exert undue pressure on the skin as you walk. The result is the development of blisters on the pressure points.

Wet shoes

Wearing shoes for an extended period, say over 24 hours, regularly causes accumulation of significant amounts of sweat, whether you’re wearing socks or not.

In the long run, the damp and sweaty condition elevates the temperature in your shoes and could cause blister development. The results are the same if you walk in water puddles with your shoes for extended periods without removing and cleaning them.

Cramped shoes

Some shoes, especially those meant for women fashion, comes with a deliberately cramped toe box that exerts unnecessary pressure on the big toe.

Not only are cramped shoes bad for your toenails (they can cause toenail blackening or breakage), but they also cause the development of blisters on the toes if you are wearing them for the first time. In some cases, cramped shoes can lead to the deformation of your toes. Continuing to use such shoes even after the development of blisters can result in complicated injuries on toes.

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