What to Photograph in Colorado

If you have traveled all over the U.S., I bet you will confess that Colorado is a remarkable Centennial state worth exploring. Colorado has a range of sights that will keep a master photographer clicking their digital SLRs or point-and-shoots. The things that make this state a photographer’s dream include but are not limited to:

Maroon Bells

The Maroon Bells comprises of stunning horizontally striated pyramidal slabs, location on a glacial valley, and Maroon like. To capture the best shot, consider shooting during sunrise.

Photographs taken from the Maroon Bells portray a true reflection of beauty. The Mountain Bells have made Colorado to be among the most popular countries gifted with type of natural resource.

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve

Located near Alamosa, the Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve is perfect for light and dark images, which makes them among the best things to photograph. Additionally, the sand dunes are framed with saw-tooth snow-covered and a backdrop of Colorado’s blue skies.

If you want highly dramatic images, consider taking pictures in the late afternoon. The Great Sand Dunes National Park and Reserve is among the places that every tourist who visits Colorado tends to visit.

Garden of the Gods Park

Found in Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods Park is essentially a tract of ochre sandstone stretching from a ghostly setting in this naturally-occurring rock garden at the lower part of the magnificent Pikes Peak. The geologic features produce a warm glow, particularly at sunset and sunrise. You can get wonderful photography options from the Visitor Center or from Balanced Rock or Gateway parking lots. Also, you can also try capturing Pikes Peak from the Siamese Twins Trail.

Mesa Verde National Park

Are you intrigued by the Ancestral Puebloans’ ancient cities? Mesa Verde National Park, Located near Cortez and Durango lets you capture images of the cliff houses carved into rock walls. This place hosts stunning objects to photograph, including the red sandstone masonry and the overhanging rocks.

To get a perfect shot of the distinct cliff dwellings, you can shoot from Balcony House, Spruce Tree House, or Cliff Palace. Furthermore, the way the structure blend with the rock walls surrounding them makes color photography your best bet. Mesa Verde National Park is also renowned to have variety of species that have become extinct in the modern world. Thus, this that made the national park an ideal place to visit for photographers.

Hanging Lake

The colorado photographers acknowledge that the pictures of Hanging Lake are among the most liked pictures of Facebook. This teal-green lake, located near Glenwood Springs appears to be clinging to the mountainside’s edge. The meandering trail and the moss-covered rocks surrounding the lake augment this area’s surreal atmosphere.

You can only access the lake through a mile-long, fairly rigorous hiking track. You can capture stunning images of the greenery, lake, and waterfalls from numerous angles. To record the lake’s crystalline attributes, consider using a polarizing filter to help lessen glare.
Good luck!

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