Tiny Office Ideas that Are Both Functional and Look Good

The size of the office doesn’t have to be its most defining feature. It’s possible to turn a small office into a workspace that’s both stylish and functional. The key to doing so, is planning your design after you’ve used the office for a while, so that you can match the design to your needs.

It’s also important to take the size of the office into consideration. The design should follow the limitations of the space and work to minimize them.

A workstation

Even though offices are collaborative spaces in the end it’s a series of individual workstations for individual workers and that’s how you should approach its design even if the office has an open floor plan. The key is to try to make each workstation more comfortable for the person using it. 

Start with making sure that each work station can be used both as a seating and standing work area. Sitting for hours at a time, is both bad for the health of your employees and a boring way to work. 

Going vertical

Every office needs to store a lot of items, and you usually don’t realize how much space storage takes until you need more of it. One of the ways to improve the storage capacity of your office space is to go vertical and use quality shelving to store items as high as it’s practical. 

Have in mind that simply having the storage space doesn’t mean you have an organized storage system. It’s also important to have a system for organizing and retrieving stored items. The employees need to be familiar with the system and it needs to be something that can be taught quickly. 


Poorly lit rooms can appear even smaller than they actually are and that’s not something you should risk with an already small office. Instead, invest in quality lighting. This goes beyond just installing the lights so that they support particular tasks – you should also use light paint to amplify the effects of the lighting.

It’s also important to use as much natural light as you have available. The furniture and overall work areas need to be set up based on how the office is facing and how much natural light it gets.

No clutter

In the end, it’s not enough to design the office in accordance with its size – it also needs to be maintained with that in mind. This means that there’s no place for clutter. The office needs to be kept clean and almost minimalistic in its look, and you need to have a system put in place for the cleaning procedure and schedule.

It’s best to establish a policy that the office should be cleaned up at the end of the workday while still having a regular cleaning crew working on a regular basis. 


A tiny office could be designed and organized to both comfortable to use and representable enough to be used for day to day work and important meetings. The key to doing so is to use the size of the room to your advantage and to design around it or by trying to mitigate it. 

A big part of this is to use lighting to make the room more comfortable, but also to take advantage of vertical space especially when it comes to storage. Lastly, don’t forget that making your employees more comfortable is the first goal to work towards and create workstations made with that purpose.

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