Most Common Rental Property Repairs (and How to Deal With Them!)

One of the most important jobs of a landlord is to maintain their rental property and repair things when they break. This might sometimes be stressful and expensive, but if you allocate a part of your rental income for regular repairs and maintenance, these issues will be easily handled. 


Defining responsibility

According to the Rental Housing Act, it’s the landlords’ responsibility to ensure a habitable space for the tenants where they can enjoy an undisturbed residence by maintaining the property outside area, plumbing, electrical, sanitary, ventilation, heating/cooling and elevator systems. If any damage occurs by reasonable fair wear and tear, the landlord must have it fixed within 14 days or the period specified in the landlord/tenant agreement. 

On the other hand, the tenants must keep the rental property in a clean and safe state and use the appliances, electrical equipment and other facilities in a reasonable manner refraining from any intentional damage or negligence. Tenants are held responsible for maintaining or replacing light bulbs, switches, taps, fittings, locks, handles and for taking care of the yard or garden if there is any. 

Faulty appliances

Electrical appliances commonly have many moving parts and are frequently used so they tend to break down easily. Although simpler issues can often be fixed by the landlord, many repairs are better handled by a qualified repair person. 

Unless a brand new appliance is needed, it typically costs between $50 and $100 per hour to have it fixed and if the appliance is beyond repair, consider buying a used one as they can often be found as good as new.


Water leaks from windows and ceilings

If a suspicion of a water leak is neglected, the damage that occurs to the property is huge. Even in very small amounts, water and moisture can cause mould to appear and spread and once it gets out of control, it can be extremely expensive to remediate. 

If there’s evidence of water leaks in ceilings and windows, it’s best to hire a qualified contractor to inspect and deal with the problem immediately. Also, it’s good to have the blueprints of your property that show where the water supply lines run so calling a plumber will be enough instead of hiring a roofing expert as well. 


Plumbing issues

When it comes to water leaks in the kitchen and bathroom, they’re mostly due to either a fault in the supply line or the drain. Sometimes even a simple but annoying slow drip in a sink or in the bathroom can end up being very expensive if left unattained. In most cases, this problem can be solved easily but sometimes it’s necessary to replace the entire faucet. In that case and in the situation when the tenant loses hot water, it’s best to leave it to the pros and hire an experienced plumber in North Shore to find the most convenient solution without any hidden fees or charges. Plumbing issues aren’t something we ever think of or expect but when they do arise, they cause havoc and wreck the peace at home, so it’s best to react in a timely manner.

Bugs and rodents

In addition to plumbing issues and leaks, dealing with bugs and rodents is surely one of the most unpleasant and annoying jobs for the landlord as it’s often the tenants’ fault due to their unclean living habits. These pests love crumbs so those tenants who keep a clean house won’t have any problems. Unfortunately, if they do appear, it’s up to the landlord to have it taken care of. 

This issue is usually tackled on two fronts – by hiring a pest control specialist and by educating the tenants about prevention and maintenance. 


The issues listed here are the most common problems in a rental property that every landlord deals with and none of them has to be very expensive. However, if neglected, each can cause serious damage and incur enormous costs. Treat them in time and both your wallet and your tenants will be grateful!

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