How to Transform Your Attic into a Fun Game Room

In most homes, the attic isn’t really a room that’s associated with fun or any activity at all. It’s usually a large storeroom that’s poorly lit and doesn’t have good ventilation. This doesn’t have to be the case in your home. In fact, you could easily transform the attic into a fun game room with just a few simple additions.

There usually needs to be at least some investment in order to make this happen, but it can be done in phases. The first step should always be to make the attic into a useable room and add the games later.

Bringing in the light

The biggest problem with most attics is the fact that they don’t have enough light, and that’s not that much of an issue when it’s just an attic, but it can’t be the case with a game room. One of the ways to deal with this is to install an additional roof window, but that’s a large construction project to undertake.

It’s also possible to keep an open stairway and achieve the same effect with less work since an open stairway will allow you to keep the light coming from below and thus brighten the whole room.

Simple color scheme

There’s no reason to waste too much time and effort on turning an attic into an elegant room. It can remain simple and inexpensive while still being a room you can spend a lot of time in and invite guests to come over to. 

It mostly depends on the floor and the walls since they will set the tone for the whole room. Therefore, it’s best to stick with a simple color palette or even a monochromatic one, with beige or grey tones that will be accompanied by soothing lighting.

The main feature

A game room should have one main focal point around which you should design it. That gimmick could still be as broad as you need it to be. For instance, if you plan to make the room all about video games, you should start the design with a purchase from an PC shop online in Australia and build it from there.

If the game room will feature arcade games or a pool table, that should be the first expense and the first purchase to factor in and the design should be built around it.

Storage space

One of the things that’s often overlooked when you’re designing any room and a game room, in particular, is how much storage space you’ll need. This isn’t that noticeable until you start using the room and realize that you need a place to put things and that the room isn’t as comfortable as it should be regardless of how well-designed it is.

The best way to incorporate ample storage is to use the vertical space as much as it’s possible to do so. Using the walls to organize shelves and other storage will allow you to use as much of the room as you can while having plenty of storage.

Electrical wiring

In the end, a game room, especially one that involves video gaming and a lot of equipment very much depends on the quality of the electrical wiring. This is also true if you need to have a lot of lighting options and improve the quality of your AC to adapt it to turn the attic into a comfortable room.

If you have an older home, you’ll need to ask an electrician to examine your wiring as it is and to let you know if you should change or upgrade it. This is a rather large project if you do need to.


 An attic could easily be transformed into a fun game room. It’s usually large and accessible enough, but there are a few upgrades and transitions you’ll need to make in order to make it functional. These are mostly about having enough light and good enough electrical wiring to support modern video game equipment. 

Also, if you want to make the space more comfortable, you should consider its color palette and storage options starting from day one. That way, the room can slowly come together into a place for entertainment and games.

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