How to Decorate a Children’s Room

Being a parent and having children is probably one of the most fulfilling experiences, but many parents tend to overlook certain aspects of parenthood that include a child’s independence and freedom. In that case, opting for a children’s room can make the child feel better alone, while you can also be sure that they have their own space where they can study and have fun, whether alone or while playing with their friends.  Therefore, it’s important to decorate a children’s room in a way that will make them feel happy and at ease, while also making sure that it fits your house overall aesthetics. Here are some tips and ideas that will help you achieve that:

1. Pay attention to your children’s comfort and safety

Before you decide to start shopping for furniture and decor items, it’s essential to make sure that your kid is protected and safe in their room. Picking the right-sized bed and a desk can have a great influence on how your child perceives his or her new room. If possible, be sure to ask your child for some input, because, after all, they’ll be the ones sleeping and studying there, so it’s important to consider their wishes and preferences as well. Still, safety is also of utmost importance, so if your child wants something pretty that might pose a risk for them, it’s crucial to draw a line and find a compromise that will suit both you and your child.

2. Consider gender-neutral options, but don’t push them

Recently, gender-neutral has been all the rage, whether it’s about clothes, children’s games or interior design. Now, when it comes to this, opting for gender-neutral colours and patterns (grey, white, yellow, green and orange), they’re quite favourable as they’re easier to redecorate once your kids start incorporating other tastes and preferences, especially during the adolescence. But, in case your daughter really wants pink and purple bed covers and My Little Pony wall stickers, there’s no reason not to make her wishes come true. Similarly, if your little boy loves traditional superheroes or cars, choosing them as the main room decor theme will only make him happy, which is the ultimate goal, after all.

3. Make it pretty and practical

A lot of kids have small rooms, which isn’t that bad, considering they’re also small, so often it’s a win-win for everybody. But, when decorating the room, it’s important to consider the room size and exposure to natural light, so your child will be able to play and study in a comfortable and productive atmosphere. Hence, painting the walls a light colour will make the room come to life, especially during sunny days. Additionally, adding cute stickers on the wall can make the kid feel special knowing that his or her favourite cartoon and movie characters are there for everyone to see. And finally, getting personalised labels for books and school supplies will surely make your child more organized and will teach them to be careful with their belongings.

4. Be careful when zoning the room

Every room has its zones designated for certain uses, such as an eating area or resting area. Children’s room isn’t any different, so it’s important to determine what part of their room is most suitable for studying and where they’ll be the most comfortable sleeping. Usually, a desk should be placed near the window, as that’s the place with most natural light, while the bed and resting area should be somewhere quieter. Ideally, the playing area should be at the centre of the room, since that place is usually the most spacious and comfortable. Also, you should use various decor objects and items to separate the areas, so using podiums, configurations, and a bedchamber will help you accentuate certain areas, but also harmonize them with the rest of the room.

Bottom line

Children’s rooms should never be an afterthought, but also you should make sure that your child feels like they’re having a say when it comes to their personal space. Opting for certain decor items and furniture should be in accordance with the rest of your home, but don’t forget to ask your child for some help. That way, they’ll feel included and appreciated, which will only make them feel connected to their new room.

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