How to Bring Biophilic Design into Your Home

Biophilic design is based on the concept of biophilia, i.e. a hypothesis that humans are naturally attracted to and biologically connected to nature. The pleasure and admiration you feel as you watch a waterfall cascade and splash so lovely, or the peace that overwhelms you while you’re enjoying some fresh air and the wonders of nature while hiking around a park. To reconnect yourself with the natural world, you can incorporate biophilic design into your home. Step away from windowless spaces with artificial light and welcome plenty of natural lighting, plants, and air into your home instead. To learn more about the ways to bring biophilic design into your home, keep reading. 

Add a touch of nature

One of the main principles of biophilic design is to bring more natural elements into your home. What this means is that you should have your interior resemble the outdoors as much as possible. One of the ways to do it is to introduce more greenery into your rooms and have at least one plant in each corner of the room, or maybe even by the windows. Plants have the power to improve indoor air quality because they capture pollutants. What’s more, you’ll feel relaxed, destressed, and more motivated to work if your office is at home because the touches of nature will be quite inspiring. Ferns, the peace lily, and Areca or bamboo palm are just some of the great plant choices for your home. Aside from the visual connection to nature, you can also connect to it through sound, smell, touch, or taste. Diffusers with the smells of nature, calming music that features the sounds of nature as well as having a pet at home, are great ways to welcome nature into your home.

Let there be light

Having a home filled with natural light is one of the best ways to create a healthy living space where you’ll feel energized and keep your circadian rhythm balanced. One of the main biophilic principles in the design industry is precisely letting as much natural light inside your home as possible. The more light there is in the room, the more motivated you’ll feel throughout the day and your body will be ready to deal with all the tasks. As soon as the living space becomes obscure, dimly lit, and without enough light, your body will feel tired and you won’t feel as motivated to continue with your errands. Therefore, think about expanding the windows or changing window treatments. Even creating some living space outdoors might be a good idea if you have a yard.

Bring in fresh air

Having lots of fresh air inside your home is imperative for a healthy life. Once you’ve introduced plants into your interior, you know that the emission of CO2 will be a lot lower. However, you should still do your best to let as much fresh air as possible. You can even have an air purifier if you don’t have the option to keep your window crack open often. Listening to the wind rustle the leaves, hearing the raindrops hit the pavement, feeling a cool spring breeze, and enjoying the chirping of birds will be highly therapeutic for you and make you feel more connected to nature. So, use every chance you can to have the windows opened. You’ll incorporate the sights, sounds, and scents of nature all mixed in one which will create a truly Zen-like environment you’ll love.

Final thoughts

Bringing biophilic design into your home has never been easier. All you have to think about is what reminds you of spending time in nature and start from there. Whether you want furniture made of natural materials, or you’d like plants and large windows, you’ll feel close to nature and your home will become a more serene place.

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