5 Nesting Tips to Get Your Home Ready for a Baby

Congratulations on becoming a parent soon! This is truly a joyous occasion. Before the baby comes, it would be smart to finish home preparation so that you can all focus on your little bundle of joy without too much worrying about the state of the place. Don’t stress about this task; take things slowly in order to make your place welcoming for the newborn. 

1. Do a deep clean

It’s important to establish a cleaning routine once a week since this will make things easier for you as the delivery date gets closer. Before the baby comes, it would be wise to do a deep clean, but with a regular routine, this shouldn’t be too troublesome or time-consuming. Essentially, you want to remove dust as effectively as possible, especially from the room where the baby will be sleeping. So, dust and vacuum and don’t forget to go over the surfaces with a damp cloth. A steam cleaner for textures is a great help in this case and you can rent one if you don’t already own it. 

2. Organize your kitchen 

Once everything is nice and clean, you want to make your kitchen area as functional and accessible as possible. In that sense, you might want to reorganize your storage and dishes so that you can easily reach the items that you are more likely to use when the baby comes. Furthermore, put away fragile items and chemical cleaners at the top shelves, as you probably won’t need those for a while. That way, you’ll make this area safer as well as more efficient with less clutter. 

3. Buy baby essentials

A baby needs its own furniture. Some parents like to have their newborn sleeping with them in the bedroom for the first six months. If that’s the case with you, too, the first purchase should be a comfortable baby bassinet. On the other hand, you might find that a proper cot is a better choice for your family. With renowned Incy Interiors, you’ll find this task to be quite fun and stress-free, especially when it comes to furniture quality. Aside from the sleeping solution, your baby will also need a changing table. A baby carrier, stroller, and special car seat are also essential. 

4. Set up a nursery room

Even if your baby will sleep with you for the first couple of months, you’ll still need a proper nursery room. This is where you want to place the cot (or at least make room for it for later) but make sure that it’s not too close to the windows, walls, or heater. The changing table should be here together with a comfy armchair for the parent. When it comes to closets, opt for a classic design that your child will be able to use as they grow. If you’re going to repaint this room, opt for zero-VOC paint. Pastel shades are definitely trendy. And you can play with children’s wall art and décor, just don’t go overboard. Keep in mind that babies don’t need a ton of toys as these will only collect dust. 

5. Deal with storage

You’ll need to organize the storage properly so that your baby’s clothes and nappies are at your immediate reach. But don’t go crazy with buying baby clothes because they grow really fast. In case your baby will sleep in the nursery room from the beginning, you want to organize the essentials in the closet and maybe even use storage boxes next to the changing table if the table doesn’t already have installed drawers. If the baby will be in your room for a while, you should dedicate a storage space near the bassinet for baby’s linens, change, and nappies as well. 

The more work you do before the baby comes, the easier it will be when you have your newborn to focus on. That said, start your nesting home prep as soon as possible. 

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