Transform Your Shed into a Lovely Guest House and Wow Your Visitors

Many homeowners require more space, whether it’s to provide a playroom of the kids, a home office, atiny guest house, a man cave for him or a she shed for her, or a separate living unit for elderly parents, and converting a garden shed seems to be the most convenient and practical solution. No matter the goal, repurposing a shed is a thrifty option – it already gives you the necessary space and with a few upgrades, it can become a wonderful space that meets all your needs.

Important considerations

Before you start any work on you shed, make sure you check out the building codes. Many cities have very strict laws that stipulate where you can position a structure, how large it can be and what work can be done. You will also need to contact your local council for building permits. Once you know all the rules and limitations, you will know what features you can incorporate into your lovely guest house. In order to provide full comfort for your guests, you’ll need to add plumbing and electricity to your shed which requires you to apply for specific permits. This kind of work will also affect your timeline, renovation costs and layout plans.

Getting started

Once you have all the permits in order and you have an idea of what type of a guest house you want, your next step is to clear out the space. If you’ve been using it for storage, it will have accumulated a lot of stuff and probably junk over the years. Even though you’re not moving away, this will give you a great opportunity to get rid of a lot of unnecessary things. When Australians need to do away with old toys, bikes, chairs and couches they usually rely on expert rubbish removal from Sydney who will dispose of unwanted things quickly and responsibly so you can get on with your shed conversion project.

Insulation and climate control

Sheds were not originally intended to be a liveable space so they’re usually made out of plywood which means you’ll need to add a layer of insulation for climate control, soundproofing and drywall on ceiling and walls to finish the look. To make the shed comfortable throughout the year, temperature control is critical so find an HVAC system that can properly heat and cool your shed. It will also help in controlling humidity levels and in combination with high-quality windows, comfort and relaxation will be guaranteed.


Interior design

Even though sheds are small spaces, converting them into a comfortable living space can be complicated so you might consider asking an architect and an interior designer for help. They will be able to provide you with practical and functional ideas for a limited space as you will need to provide storage, fit in a small kitchen and bathroom and a bed. It’s also important you install high-quality, low maintenance flooring such as hardwood that you can soften with an area rug, but make sure you have a welcome mat at the door to prevent tracking in dirt.

Finally, pick a bright colour palette and adequate lighting so the room looks open, airy and inviting. Install a few light sources such as a desk lamp, sconces and a chandelier so your guests can adjust how much brightness they want. Follow up with furnishings and décor that fits your style and preferences.

By converting your old shed into a lovely guest house, you’ll provide your guests with comfort and privacy and add more value to your property. With the tips listed here, it will take just a few renovations to have your own backyard oasis!

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