The Ultimate Guide to Moving Your Home

Regardless of how well prepared you are, moving your home is always a big event and a complicated managerial task. Luckily, there are things you could do beforehand and steps you could take with the move itself to make it easier on yourself and to protect your property.

This isn’t just about hiring the best movers out there, but also about doing your part of the move on time and in an organized way. The key is to protect your valuables both on location and during the move.

Plan on both locations

It’s important that you plan the move by working on both locations at the same time. When it comes to the one you’re moving from, you should go through your things and see how many of them are outdated and underused. Throw those away and don’t bother packing and moving them since that’s an unneeded expense.

At the same time, make sure you scout your new property and figure out where your large pieces of furniture will go. This will make the move easier and allow you to set things up at your new place with ease.

Move in phases

The goal should be for the new property to be ready to be used at least somewhat before you empty the old one out. That’s why you should set up the move in phases and move things that are most needed first. That’s something you’ll need to organize with your professional movers as well.

It’s best if you have a place to sleep, a few bathroom supplies and a place to cook at least the most basic meals. This will keep you set in your new place while you deal with the smaller items over time.

Shop around

One thing you need to figure out is whether you will hire professional movers or move with some help from your friends. In case you choose to do the move on your own, you will definitely need reliable truck rentals. These will be essential for efficiently transporting all your belongings to the new house.

If you do decide to hire movers, it’s best to get at least three offers from three different companies. This will give you an idea about the price range and what you can expect in terms of an offer. It’s also prudent to ask around and call for references about the movers before making a call.


These days, it’s quite possible that electronics will be the most costly items you have to move. There are a few small tricks you should abide by to make it easier. For instance, take the picture of the cables before you unplug them to make it easier to put the gadgets back together.

It’s also useful to charge the mobile devices before the move so that they are fully operational once they are moved. Also, make sure that you buy foam protectors in which you’ll wrap the devices and keep them protected. All of this will save you a ton of time and worrying later on.

Things to carry yourself

In the end, there are a few things you should carry yourself regardless of how good your movers are. This is in order to keep those items safe, due to their importance. It’s also possible to rent a small safe and carry the safe yourself if that will make you feel more comfortable.

These include your most important family documents such as contracts, loan and mortgage papers and personal documents. If you have a lot of cash stored in the house, it too should be placed in such a safe and moved by the homeowner.


Moving your home could be stressful and it’s important to prepare for it. The key to doing so is to prepare both properties at once. You should also hire professional movers and stick to the schedule that you devise with them. Some items should still be moved by the owners alone. 

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