Room Color Schemes: 3 Interior Color Combinations for Small Spaces

Designing and decorating small spaces has never been easy, and you need to be able to think outside the box if you want to make it work. It’s all about maximizing the potential of your space and trying to make the most of every corner. When it comes to painting the walls in these spaces, you need to be extra careful and pay attention to what you’re doing. Keep in mind that the right color scheme could benefit your small space more than you can imagine, so take your time and be patient. If you’re in the middle of this process at the moment too, here are a few things that could help you find the right color scheme for even the tiniest of spaces in your home. 

Stick to your favorite color

This is the simplest idea in the world, but it’s an idea that still works like a charm. No matter how big your rooms are, you can give them an amazing makeover if you stick to your favorite tone as your main color. Of course, there’s a long list of options you need to go through, but once you do that and pick the color you’re going to use, finding a complementary color shouldn’t be too hard. Now that you have two tones you’re happy to use, you can find a few more colors and make sure your small spaces are equipped with the perfect color combination you and your family are going to love in the future as well.

Take a look around

No matter how small the space you’re repainting is, you should still try to make it look a bit bigger than before. One of the ways to do so is by choosing a color scheme by taking a look around and using what you already have. For instance, some people equip their homes with those versatile flooring products that encourage them to opt for a certain color scheme more easily. Whether it’s artificial turf, bamboo, or timber flooring, or something else, your flooring material can guide you through this process and help you pick the right color scheme. The same goes for the color of your furniture or your curtains, so take all these elements into consideration when choosing the color scheme for your tiny spaces.

Don’t forget the lighting

This is an important element in all repainting projects, and it’s something you mustn’t forget yourself. The amount of light is important in any room of your home, but it’s absolutely vital in those tiny spaces. The logic behind this idea is quite simple – more light allows you to use darker colors, and vice versa. It goes without saying that you can always try to get more natural light to your room – installing bigger windows, placing mirrors strategically, and looking into skylights might go a long way – but it sometimes just doesn’t work. So, if you’re stuck with a tiny and dark room, pick simple and light colors like white, beige, off-white, and grey. If you’ve got huge windows and tons of natural light, you can choose darker colors like brown, green, and even black.


Introducing a new order into a small space is never easy, and trying to do so using wall colors is even more challenging. But, if you look into these three simple ideas and tactics for finding the right color choices, you could find a perfect combination that will suit your space, no matter how small it is. Finally, don’t forget that you can always repaint your walls and experiment with colors until you’ve found a combination that works for you.

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