Project Remodelling: 5 Ways to Enlarge Your House

Just because you live in a small house doesn’t mean that you can’t do plenty with it. For starters, smaller homes are the easiest to enlarge. What’s more, when you opt for an effective enlarging project, you’ll boost the value, looks and efficiency of your place. There are many different ways to do this, and it’s important to go with the project that suits your needs, current layout and budget the best. Still, whatever you decide to go with, the remodelling is bound to make a big difference.

Add a porch

If you’re quite satisfied with how everything fits inside your home but you just can’t help the feeling that there’s something missing at the very entrance of your house, adding a porch may be the remodelling project you’ve been looking for to enlarge your house. An enclosed porch is especially effective in homes that open up straight to the living room and lack a proper hallway. What’s more, this type of porch also serves as rather functional and useful protection from the elements, which is often rather necessary at the very front of one’s home.

Extend the existing room

In case you’re missing a cloak or utility room, a meter or two added in width can make a huge difference. More importantly, this is also a great way to extend your existing room, especially if you’re dealing with the living room, dining room or kitchen. These areas can always do with some extra space. In order to bring in more natural light and make the most out of the extended space, consider using reinforced glass for the roof of your extension.

Build an extra storey

If you don’t have enough space or structural freedom to enlarge your home in width, consider the possibilities you have with height. In general, effective second storey additions can end up more cost-effective in regards to the amount of space that you get. Not only will you maximize the space 100% but you’ll also get to enjoy spectacular views from your second storey windows and balcony. And you can count on a considerable resale value boost. It’s true that adding an extra storey to your home or extra space with shipping container will impact your home value significantly.

Connect your home and garage

Do you have a garage in your yard that’s positioned rather close to your house? If you do, then you can enlarge your home space by converting your garage into an actual living space and then connecting it to the main house with a covered walkway. It’s especially effective to use glass walls for the linking walkway to utilize natural light and make the area visually bigger. Of course, when it comes to garage conversion, it’s important to pick the purpose of your new space according to your own needs. For instance, if you’re tired of your kitchenette, you can convert the garage into a completely new kitchen or you can use it as an additional room such as home office, gym, etc.

Transform your basement/attic

Just like you can convert and transform a garage into a functional and useful living space, you can do the same with your basement and/or attic. What’s more, this might be the most effective solution for some homeowners considering that there’s no extra building required. Of course, there’s plenty of remodelling work to do such as wiring, maybe even plumbing, insulation, new floors and walls, etc. but even so, these spaces can be transformed into whatever kind of extra room you might need in a rather short amount of time.

If there’s a possibility to go larger with your house, and you have the budget for it, don’t hesitate to explore your options when it comes to the actual remodelling projects. You’ll get to organize your home better, gain more space, minimize clutter, boost the house’s resale value and improve your quality of life in general.

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