Is Cleaning Teeth Painful

Oral health is crucial, and it starts with clean teeth and a healthy gum. Over time, plaque tends to build up on your teeth, especially if you have not been maintaining proper hygiene practices. After a while then, you will need to access periodontal assessment services for checkup and cleaning process.

Teeth cleaning helps to improve your overall oral health. This, in turn, prevents loss of teeth from excessive decay as well as boosting your confidence. But does this process hurt?

Yes, the teeth cleaning process is painful, while the extent of the pain depends on several factors. Mainly, the pocket depth contributes to how much pain you are likely to experience. When it is too deep, then you might experience severe pain during the process. Besides, if the root surface is severely damaged, then you might experience much pain.

Other Pain Contributors

Here are some additional factors that determine the amount of pain you feel during the procedure.

Too much plaque

If there was too much tartar on your teeth, then the process becomes vigorous. When pressure is significantly high on your teeth, you may likely feel much pain. Besides, after the procedure, your teeth are left exposed and becomes more sensitive.

Gum inflammation

The cleaning procedure risks causing inflammation to the gums, especially if it is carried out vigorously. As a result, you end up getting pain from the swelling.

Sensitive teeth

While the cleaning process increases teeth sensitivity, if they were formerly sensitive to touch and high temperature, the cleaning procedure might be excruciating. However, the resultant sensitivity is usually temporary.

Dealing with the Pain

If you want to avoid too much pain, then you need to get prepared before the procedure. You can do this by using desensitizing toothpaste a few weeks before visiting the dentist. That way, the sensitivity of your teeth will have significantly reduced.

On the other hand, dentists may prescribe painkillers to manage the pain after the procedure. Besides, if you find the best dentist in deerfield beach fl or any other region, they may advise on some home-based methods to help manage the pain.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a proficient dentist is crucial for your dental health procedures. Ensure that you seek services from an experienced dentist to avoid complications.

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