Is Car Subscription Service Worth it?

With the new age of technology, people access TV programs or lifestyle solutions through subscriptions billed monthly or annually. Subscriptions allow you to enjoy everything you ever needed. Besides being fast and easy to use, they’re currently available to drivers. Car subscription services are short-term leases on cars.

How Car Subscription Services Work

A subscription car service gives anyone with a smartphone, good credit and impressive driving record access to a car for a monthly fee. There’s no long-term commitment once you sign up for the service. Your membership fee is inclusive of the insurance, roadside assistance, and maintenance costs.

Car subscription solutions eliminate the stress associated with buying a car. Most drivers no longer want to stick to driving one vehicle whether they acquired it through purchase or lease. They also don’t want to deal with insurance agents, dealerships or auto shops. Car subscriptions, which are accessible through third-party providers and automakers, provide consumers with a wide range of automobile brands.

Car Subscription Apps

Third-party car subscription apps give you access to different vehicles without the need to transact with the automaker. They offer pre-owned cars that can serve different purposes depending on your needs. Drivers must pay a standard deposit before settling the monthly membership fees. The membership fees can range from $200 to up to $3,000 depending on the app.

As a driver, you can get unlimited miles for an additional monthly fee. Membership fees may vary by the local demand, the age of the vehicle, car type and location. You may pay a refundable deposit to reserve a car or incur additional daily taxes ranging from $2 to $5. The provider can restrict the usage of the vehicle within a particular city, town or state.

Manufacturer-Specific Car Subscription Programs

Car subscription services offered directly by the manufacturers are ideal for the most loyal automobile enthusiasts. Though they’re expensive, they give you exclusive access to the newest cars. Automakers that currently offer these solutions include BMW, Cadillac, Volvo, Mercedes Benz, and Porsche. The plans may consist of full-detail washes, maintenance, roadside assistance, a deductible fee, and a liability insurance policy.

Most manufacturers provide drivers with a broad vehicle lineup and allow them to change the vehicles whenever they want. You may pay an additional fee for a more premium model or a temporary upgrade. The manufacturer may assign you a personal concierge whose role is cleaning, fueling and delivering the car. For the first month, the provider can insist on a commitment of at least 30 days before you swap the car.

Are the Subscriptions Worth Your Cash?

A regular vehicle subscription helps avoid the cost of breaking a car lease or selling a car you no longer want. The monthly membership is ideal for drivers whose automobile needs and tastes change often. Note that the service offers you convenience rather than value. If you’re looking for value, consider buying a car.

The car providers are in the subscription business to make money. Avoid running into debts to sustain a lifestyle you can’t afford. You can seek other cost-effective options for owning a car if the subscriptions don’t work in your favor.

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