How to Protect Your House from Hurricane

If you live in an hurricane-prone area, the last thing you would want is to wait until disaster strikes. Hurricanes are fatal. It is therefore wise to prepare your home for any potential uncertainties. Otherwise, when they occur, the consequences are way far unimaginable. Fortunately, there are several measures that you can put in place to protect yourself, your family, and the house, should a hurricane strike.

Measures For Protecting Your House From Hurricanes

1. Brace Your Garage Door to Withstand Hurricanes’ Force

Contrary to what most people think, the roof isn’t the most vulnerable part of the house. The garage door is. And if it is not fastened well, hurricanes can blow off the roof. Preventing this by reinforcing the garage door to withstand these intense forces or bracing an existing door can be ideal. Most garage doors are not reinforced, and when the strong winds blow, they can cause a lot of havoc.

2. Fasten All Your Windows and Doors

Besides installing hurricane impact windows, you should also ensure to introduce shutters. Alternatively, you can fix an automatic tracking system that fits the shutters in case of an approaching storm. This will ensure your home stays hurricane-proofed all through and you won’t have worries while you are away.

However, while the shutters won’t protect the outside of your house, the hurricane’s impact will be significantly reduced. Whether with impact-resistant glass or shutters, protecting the windows and doors is imperative.

3. Trim the Nearby Trees

Unpruned trees and dead branches are accomplices in sweeping off hurricanes towards your home. As such, it is better to trim them early rather than to repay insurance claims for damaging your neighbor’s fence or property.

Remember your insurance policy only covers a portion of the damage. Preparing ahead can, therefore, save you the money you would use to pay for the costs.

4. Protect Your Roof

Rain and wind are the direct hazards of a hurricane, and your roof is going to take the most of their stress. However, this stress is not from the falling water. Rather, it is from the pressure blowing off the roof from the compromised doors or windows.

Weak roof structures are particularly vulnerable to strong winds. Installing the correct, and in most cases, code-mandated fastening is, therefore, a necessary precaution.

5. Clear All the Gutters and Drainage Pipes

Do you clear your gutters regularly? Are you aware that any slight blockages can lead to floods? If the hurricane water finds an obstruction, the truth is, it will have to want to flow heading somewhere. And if that won’t be down and away, it’ll undoubtedly be on your roof and inside your house.

6. Update Your Insurance Policy

Finally, your insurance should also be always up to date. Sadly, the majority of people think that their homeowner’s policy covers even themselves. Unfortunately, it only includes the property. Making sure you have the correct amount, and if possible, the right cover is paramount for your recovery after hurricanes.

It’s particularly essential to have a plan that protects your family and the house at all times. Otherwise, you might end up losing lives, property and sensitive documents. A good plan should, however, include a supply kit in case you will have to stay longer before evacuation if any.

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