How Long Does It Take To Deep Clean A House

Deep cleaning a home is not like the regular cleaning but instead involves so much more. With the process involved in deep cleaning, it will surely take you at least half a day. It cleans out the deep grime and dirt in your house.

There are many deep cleaning services available if you find the task unbearable and want to relax on the weekend. Deep cleaning is also done at the end of the tenancy. They do work professionally. Your house will receive individual attention leaving it super clean.

Areas covered by deep cleaning services

Behind kitchen appliances such as the fridge, oven, and the basement behind the washing machine. The grime which builds up is cleaned and cut out.

Under the kitchen sink

The inside and outside of all windows

The window frames insides

All blinds

Removing scales from bathroom tiles, taps, and kitchen tiles

Every corner to remove cobwebs

The time it takes to deep clean a house

The total amount of time carried to deep clean a home depends on the regular cleaning done on the house. If a house is maintained correctly, then it will take lesser time than a house that was never cleaned during the tenancy. Just for comparison, a regular cleaning activity takes about three hours. On the other hand, deep cleaning an average two-bedroom home can take as much as 12 hours.

The amount of time taken also depends on the size of the cleaning team. A team of five can deep clean the two-bedroom house in 6-8 hours. If it is a team of 3, they are likely to require no less than ten hours.

If you’re planning to deep clean your house, it is essential to look at the reputation of the company and how much they charge per hour. You can have an average team of five to do the task in a minimal time while at the same time having your house in perfect and sparkling condition.

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