How Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work?

Hurricanes can be devastating not just for the home and building structures, but also for the people inside. Flying debris and strong winds can do lots of property destruction and cause injuries, sometimes even death to the people. That’s why it’s crucial to hurricane-proof your home with impact resistant windows if you live in a place prone to these natural disasters.

The best thing about these windows is that they not only offer protection against storms and hurricanes, but they also provide additional benefits such as noise reduction, UV protection, and protection against burglary.

How Do Hurricane Windows Work?

Laminated Glass

One problem with regular windows is that they come with a thin layer of glass that shatters easily when exposed to external forces. But,impact windows comes with laminated glass that is strong enough to resist strong winds and flying debris. There are two technologies that can be used to make this glass: inner membrane technology and the use of shatter-resistant films.

In shatter-resistant film windows, manufacturers place a clear film on both sides of the impact glass. Should the glass break, it will be held by these films.In inner membrane impact resistant windows, manufacturers place a polyvinyl butaryl layer between two glass panes. This layer acts an adhesive material to hold the two glass panes together even after shattering.

Heavy Duty Frames

Laminated glass is not the only protective element in hurricane windows; they also come with sturdy and quality frames. If manufacturers were to use laminated glass and weak frames, the windows might end up giving in during a strong hurricane. Strong winds may enter your home and cause destruction. That’s why these frames are constructed using a high-strength material to withstand external forces.

Now that you’ve known how hurricane windows work, it’s time to install them in your home. Laminated glass and heavy-duty frames guarantee that your home will be protected against natural disasters and unwanted intruders. The only thing you need to ensure is that you buy them from a reputable dealer who offers quality products.

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