Follow These Designer Trends to Spruce up Your Dull Kitchen

If you’re tired of looking at the same old kitchen you’ve been using for years, you’ll be happy to hear there are so many ways you can change things up a bit. Opt for the right changes and not only will you be able to freshen up your kitchen, but you’ll also add some functionality to it. The easiest way to do it is to take a look at what’s trendy when it comes to kitchen design and implement it in your home. With that said, here are five designer trends to spruce up your dull kitchen.

Going for open shelving

The trend in kitchen design we recently got to see includes replacing kitchen upper cabinets with open shelving. Minimalism was popular in the past but it seems that homeowners now want their kitchens to be inspired by hotel and retail spaces. The best thing about following these trends is that you can make and install shelves yourself. When it comes to choosing materials, opting for wood shelving is your safest bet, but you also can’t go wrong with either metal or glass shelving. Another good idea is to place a few potted plants on your new shelves to make your kitchen look magazine-worthy.

Relying on technology

If you got bored of looking at the kitchen you’ve had for years, bringing it into the 21st century makes a lot of sense. The good news is, there are so many smart devices you can get and add some interest. For example, using a smartphone integrated refrigerator or a voice control coffee maker is a guaranteed way to completely change the way you see your kitchen. Smart kitchen devices are constantly gaining more popularity in the U.S. but it seems like homeowners from other countries now also prefer their kitchens to be smart.

Opting for tile flooring

Ask anyone in 2019 and they’ll tell you geometrical patterns play a huge role in kitchen design. These patterns can be using tile flooring which can make any dull space look more interesting. Add to this the fact that they’re extremely durable and easy to clean, and it becomes obvious why you should think about introducing them into your kitchen. This trend is constantly gaining more popularity among Australians and it’s only expected to gain even more popularity in the future. This means that you can turn to a company that sells tiles in Canberra and be ensured you’ll be able to find the right solutions for your kitchen.

Welcoming the light

Sunlight has the power to open up even the smallest spaces in the home. But whether your kitchen is big or small, letting in more natural light is a perfect way to make the entire place more desirable. Combine more natural light with glass and metallic features to add more life into your kitchen. On top of this, more windows also means more space to let in a fresh breeze during hot summer days which might be exactly what your kitchen needs. Some homeowners even decide to go for a window backsplash and welcome even more natural light while adding a view as well.

Using quartz for countertops

There’s no need to say that quartz is one of the most popular materials for kitchen countertops. Although homeowners first had concerns about the lack of colours and textures it comes in, manufacturers have managed to come up with quite a few different solutions. This makes quartz the perfect material to use by giving your kitchen a more inviting look. And did I mention quartz is one of the most durable and easy-to-clean materials out there? So, not only will you be adding style to your kitchen but you’ll also be making it a lot easier to maintain.

Stay on top of these five trends when sprucing up your kitchen and there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy spending time in it more than you ever did before. Just don’t forget to keep an eye for some new kitchen design trends that are yet to emerge.

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