First things First: What are the Priorities When Moving In

Moving to a new place can be a very stressful time, as you juggle a million things, from packing, hiring movers, getting rid of extra stuff, taking care of the utilities, costs and landlords. But what can make things even worse is if you rush into it unprepared. Relocating to a new flat should really be exciting as your starting a new chapter in your life. Good preparation and organisation are key to avoiding anxiety and making it an exciting adventure. If you’re about to embark on such a journey, here’s a little guide on how to do it easy and effectively.

In the weeks before…

In the weeks prior to your move, it’s crucial you start the preparations so you can reap the benefits of your good work once you settle in the new place. Firstly, start creating your budget and make sure you file every document you have as they might be necessary later. Go through your current lease and see if there are any obligations you need to fulfil to your current landlord. Don’t forget to transfer your renter’s insurance to the new apartment and look into getting insurance for the relocation itself, in case anything gets damaged in the process. Schedule the exact date of the move, find a reliable moving company to handle the move, buy all supplies you need for packing and ask for days off work, if necessary.

Lastly, secure your valuable possessions in advance and rent temporary storage for things you can pick up later. Pay any overdue bills and cancel your utilities for gas, electricity, Internet and cable service. Relocating to a new apartment is a great opportunity to declutter and get rid of all the extra stuff you no longer need. There are plenty of ways to sell your things online and donate, which is much better than just dumping them by the curb.

Moving day – your old place and your new apartment

Your moving day or days will basically have two stages: tying up loose ends at your previous place and settling into the new one. At your old place, finish the packing, sweep the floors, take out the trash, confirm the deal with your movers, turn off the lights and return the key to your landlord. When the moving starts, try to arrive at the new place before the movers so you can open all the gates and clear the path to your unit. Walk through the new apartment with your new landlord, take photos and detailed notes, so you can get your deposit back when the time comes. If there’s time, clean the place up to make things easier on you later. Be careful when unpacking your boxes and unwrap every single thing so nothing gets lost. It’s a clever idea to keep all your receipts of moving expenses, in case it’s possible to write off your move at tax time. You can also make a home inventory before the move to make sure all your possessions have made it safely to your new place, especially if you hired movers. In this way, you can make a claim for any damaged or lost property.

Mix and match

You certainly won’t be able to take everything with you which means you’ll have to buy some new stuff but avoid blowing your budget all in place or your place will look like it came straight out of a box. Instead, look for bargains at different shops and get practical stuff like bookshelves, dinnerware sets, cutlery, pots, pans, duvets, blankets and pillows. The bed should be your first priority as that’s where you’ll be spending a lot of your time, and its most essential part is the mattress. Getting a high-quality king mattress is something that will make your stay in the new place a dream especially when paired up with a stylish bed frame and beautiful linens. As for the rest of your furnishings, mix and match things to achieve a modern, eclectic look so even if you only have the basics and you start adding pieces over time, it will all look very well put together.

Details that make the atmosphere

Details will make a lot of difference and can instantly give the place a homey feel, but you need to check with the agency or your landlord just how much you can do and change. Most landlords will paint the flat in neutral colours and you should be allowed to do some additional painting and add some more vibrant nuances. If you love wallpaper, bear in mind you’ll probably have to take it down once you move out, so it may not be worth the effort.

Chests, drawers, armchairs, sofas, side tables, lamps and rugs will give you a sense of familiarity and ownership. Also, adding your favourite pictures and artwork will personalize the space, but make sure you’re allowed to nail them to the wall.

Moving is hard and demanding so hopefully these tips will help you make it as smooth as possible.

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