Enhance Your Landscape with a Backyard Focal Point

If you’re lucky enough to have a backyard, even a small one, you should definitely make the most of it. Not only can you spend some time outdoors but you can also enjoy the attractiveness of your landscape. But what to do if you find your backyard a bit underwhelming or just plain boring? The solution is rather simple – create a focal point in your backyard! There are many different ways you can go about this fun project.

An interesting plant or tree

In case you have a relatively small yard, you can still create a very effective focal point, so don’t give up immediately. For instance, an interesting tree that has colourful or evergreen foliage can really look amazing as a centrepiece in your yard. And even if you don’t have enough space for an actual tree, you can achieve the same look with taller and more colourful plants and shrubs. Put some decorative stones around the plant/tree and voila!

Add a unique structure

Another great way to create a focal point is to utilize your creativity and specific taste in order to have actual structures built in your yard. This can be a pond, a fountain, a statue or even a taller pillar/post that will hold your planters. Of course, once you choose what kind of structure you want, you also have the freedom to play with different styles and designs. 

Create a gorgeous garden area



One of the very popular ways to add some oomph to your backyard is to focus the plants and flowers in one spot, thus making the garden area quite obvious and striking. And if you take the time to arrange different colour plants/flowers in a certain order, the effect will be even more breath-taking. Of course, no garden would be truly complete without a whimsical garden path. In order to really spruce up your backyard focal point, you can use decorative stone pavers that will link your garden with your patio, and similar. 

Utilize your fence

A focal point in your backyard doesn’t necessarily have to be the centrepiece. Actually, one of the more popular modern trends involves planting flowers/plants along the fence, making sure that the colour of the plants/flowers complements the fence paint perfectly. What’s more, monochromatic flowers and plants seem to be ideal for this type of project, especially when you opt for more striking fence shades and gentler petals/leaves. For example, a turquoise or muted blue fence with white flowers along it looks absolutely amazing. 

Use accessories throughout your yard


If you want to have more focal points in your backyard, don’t focus your attention on one really big element in your yard. Instead, go for several smaller accessories such as road and plant name signs that peek through the foliage, garden gnomes, decorative planters, torches, etc. This particular trick is rather effective when your goal is to spruce up your backyard and make it more interesting when you already have a patio or deck area taking up a lot of your yard space. 

Keep in mind that you should always try your best to avoid clutter when creating a focal point and drawing attention to certain areas of your yard. That said, make sure that your lawn is neat and that there aren’t too many plants of different kinds all over the yard with no rhyme or reason. Essentially, you need to find order and balance for your own outdoor space. Therefore, take the time to analyze your landscape, its layout and size in order to find the best solution for the most effective focal point project.

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