Easy Ways to Make a Small Living Room Look and Feel Bigger

People who live in small apartments and houses know the struggle: as convenient it is to keep a small home orderly, we also can’t help but wish we had more space. Not only do bigger spaces allow us to keep more things and invite more people, but they allow us to feel free and unburdened. If you live in a small home, don’t despair – there are simple and easy ways to transform your small place so that it looks and feel bigger than it is. Read on to discover ways to visually enlarge your living room:

Keep it bright

You wouldn’t believe how important the color scheme of your home is: dark colors, chic as they may seem, absorb light and in turn, make the room seem smaller. Light colors, on the other hand, reflect light and open the space up. You can use different shades of the same color on the walls to make your living room seem more cohesive: blue, beige, and yellow look great in small spaces, and you can put bright wallpaper on the ceiling.

Open the door

This is a simple and useful trick anyone can do: keep the doors to adjacent rooms wide open. If you’re renting your apartment, talk to your landlord and see if they would object to you removing the door. This way, you will get an illusion of a large living room without actually having to make any huge changes. Another thing you can do is add an oversized mirror in front of an open doorway and keep your windows uncovered so that there’s more natural light in the room.

Play with light

We already mentioned that light plays an important role in making the room seem bigger, so in addition to letting more natural light in, you should also carefully choose lighting fixtures. By getting lights that can be attached to the walls you will be saving a lot of floor space, or you can use swing arm lamps and give you more free space on side tables.

Mount your TV

Shelves are convenient but they also take up a lot of space, which is why you should consider getting rid of unnecessary ones in your home. Fortunately, TV wall mounts are convenient and secure, and you can save not only plenty of space but money on expensive entertainment centers too. What is more, when your TV is mounted, it’s more adjustable, and you can easily plug or unplug any device.

Multifunctional furniture

Storage is one of the main problems with small spaces because there is simply no room for additional cabinets and shelves you desperately need. This is where multifunctional space-saving furniture comes in – you can keep cables, remote controls, and books in your coffee table, your ottoman can hide your pet’s brushes and toys, and you can even find armchairs that double as bookshelves.

Trick the eyes

In the end, you can reach for some of the oldest and simplest tricks in the book: move the furniture away from the walls. This will create the appearance of a much bigger space because the light will move freely around the room and around the furniture too. By hanging art and placing shelves high on the walls, you draw the eyes upwards and make the ceilings look much taller than they actually are.

Even though small rooms can feel cozy, they can also feel cramped and claustrophobic, and they can be a nightmare to keep organized because everything always seems to be in the way. Most of the things we mentioned here are very easy to incorporate into any small room in your house, and you can also try some of the tricks to make it seem bigger and more spacious.

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