Do Misting Systems Work In High Humidity?

Does the hot weather seem to be controlling your life? It dictates when you can or can’t have a party of barbeque out on the patio. Also, it keeps you indoors for many days on your AC and limited sunlight. If this is you, then you should consider investing in outdoor cooling technology. One such technology is a misting system. It can bring temperatures down in your patio and work wonders to transform your lifestyle for the better. It’s like adding an AC to your patio.

However, one question most people’s mind is, ” can a misting system work even in high humidity areas?” Let’s dive further into this topic to help you understand better.

Misting Systems and High Humidity

The simple answer to ” can a misting system work even in high humidity areas?” question is YES. Even if the cooling is most effective in drier places, it can work well even in high humidity areas.

Therefore, even if you live in highly humid places such as New Orleans, Tampa, Houston or Jacksonville, don’t be neglect investing in a misting system for the fear that it won’t work effectively. You may even be surprised to know that these areas have a growing number of people using this outdoor cooling technology.

Choosing the Right System For Humid Environments

One thing you need to keep in mind is that for you to get effective results in a high humid area, you have to choose the right system, and it should be installed correctly.

If you have selected a professional to install a misting system for you (which is the recommended option), he should design a system that will work effectively with regard to the specific conditions in your area.

If you use a cheap low-quality system, then you won’t achieve the results you’re looking for. If the system you’re considering doesn’t use a pump and you just need to hook it to a hose, you get the cooling you want. You’ll just end up getting wet. That’s why experts advise that in humid areas, you should invest in a high pressure patio misting system. It produces a fine mist and chill, to achieve what is known as evaporative cooling.

And, it doesn’t end there. You need to use the correctly sized nozzles and mistlines. Also, a professional may recommend using misting fans to achieve the desired cooling effect. With all these things in place, your system can produce the finest mist which evaporates fast even in highly humid environments.

Hire Professionals for High-Quality Installation

Installing a misting system is not an easy task. It’s not as easy as placing the nozzles and setting it up to work, just like that. Especially in high humidity areas, planning and designing are crucial parts of the job. A professional installer guarantees quality results because he has the skills, knowledge, and experience in this industry. He ensures that your misting system is effective and efficient so that you can get relief even in hot weathers. Don’t risk installing the system on your own; get the help of a professional. They will even take the time to educate you on which products best suit your needs.

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