Can You Wear Gold And Silver Jewelry Together

One myth that goes around jewelry lovers is that you can’t mix gold and silver. However, this is not true. Fashion jewelry is limitless, and you can combine these two and create a trendy look. The pieces of jewelry you wear define your mood or personality.

Sometimes you may want a bold piece, and other times, you may want to go for something simple. By mixing silver and gold, you have the freedom to create different patterns and styles for an overall elegant look.

How to Mix Gold and Silver the Right Way

The combination should complement your attire

When it comes to mixed jewelry, it isn’t as simple as choosing several gold and silver pieces and wearing them. You should choose them depending on your clothing and occasion. For instance, a funky attire and a simple, elegant dress may demand different types of gold and silver combinations.

If you’re wearing a casual, funky outfit, chunky chains can work. If you’re going to an evening party and you’ll be wearing a simple dress, simplistic combinations can be the best choice. Therefore, always consider your clothing before choosing the gold and jewelry pieces to combine. You can Check This Out for more information.

Pay attention to colors

When mixing gold and silver pieces, it’s vital that you stick to colors, not styles. Before going for any piece, ensure that you give careful thought; it shouldn’t seem like you woke up and threw everything on.

While fashion has become limitless, you also need to look stylish. And to create this stylish look, avoid going for different colors and styles.

Practice the art of layering

Layer differently-colored jewelry pieces. For instance, you can stack your necklaces on top of each other. Start with the longest necklace going all the way to the smallest one. Even if these pieces overlap, it’s okay, as long as they do it naturally. It doesn’t apply to necklaces only; you can also layer bangles and rings.

Back to our question, can you mix gold and silver jewelry? Yes, you can. However, as we’ve mentioned above, you have to do it right to bring out a beautiful and elegant look.

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