Can you be a property manager and a real estate agent?

Property management has a wide scope in that it requires on to be equipped with skills that will help you out in performing tasks such as finding tenants, managing payments as well as sorting out matters on the property such as repairs and leaks. This is means that one can become a property manager and still close deals on the property as an agent and the other way round when time comes to sell or lease as they are well informed about the property and when clients seek to see the property they will have no issue going into details about it.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider when deciding to be a property manager and a real estate agent:

1.Side income

As the business of either a Real Estate Company or Property Management is booming this days and having a wide range of skills on both sides will earn you an extra income. You can manage property while you still own a Real Estate Company as this is a great source of income will you kill two birds at the same time.

This can earn you a percentage of the rent payable by the one renting the property as you still manage. This percentage can be worth in the long run.

2.Ownership of registered contracts or licenses

Property Management and a Real Estate Company have legal documentations of operating businesses and hence have an upper hand if they decide to go for the other operation. This means that they can close deals at ease as clients can rely on their credibility by just a show of their legality to do the business. They can close deals as it only takes one contract to hire one doing Property Management as ones their Real Estate Company hence yes its possible to be the jack of both trades.

3.Ease and relevance

Property management and real estate company do the same kind of job only that the job description has little differences but similarities surpass this. This means that they are both well informed about the industry and do not need to source out information about the venture that the other does. One can manage property and have few dedicated hours as your Real Estate Company who closes deals on other property.

This widens their area of expertise as they are well aware of their business environments. Also the work of Property Management is mainly to fix on the leaks,repair and having the property intact where as the Real Estate Company is concerned with selling. This means that playing both makes you well informed about what you will offer clients.

4.Protection against downturns

There are times where the Real Estate Company business experiences a flop and agents suffer quite a lot as they are out of booming business for a while. Property Management is not left out too as there are times one can be fired or misses out on property that they can run for their clients.

By having both ways to look at this gives you an option to choose from as you can work on Property Management or on your Real Estate Company when the other business is not doing so good.

5.Clientele to serve

When it comes to both businesses you certainly need to have close relationships with the clients. Yes you can do Property Management and have a Real Estate Company as you will know what clients expect and if you are good at it you have a wide source of them whom you can always contact to do business. You can close deals with your contacts who need your services on both management and agency.

6.Appreciation of one contact

As clients want to have a one contact person they may ask you to do both jobs for them if they have multiple such businesses as they have entrusted you with the responsibility of it. This means that you have to play both duties which is quite easy if you are well equipped with the set of skills and information of the venture.

Clients mostly need one person they can rely on as they do not want to have a pool of people who may stress them out. They need one qualified person who can close deals and make them money for them at a payable fee as this is even cheaper than having more than one work for them.

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