Boost Your Curb Appeal Easily With These Simple Tricks

When you think about it, the way your front yard looks and the level of curb appeal are the main things people coming to your home or passing by will notice, and this will create their first impression of both you as a homeowner and your home. As you can probably imagine, poor curb appeal may end up as a deal-breaker when you’re trying to sell your home, too. In that respect, it’s always better to boost your curb appeal, even with simple tricks, in order to increase your home’s resale value and let yourself enjoy your own place more. 

Take care of the greenery

If you need a good place to start updating the look of your curb appeal, do so with the landscape. For starters, you want to mow the lawn and get rid of any weeds and overgrowth. However, it’s always nice to make things more interesting with plants, shrubs and trees. That said, don’t hesitate to take care of the existing plants or plant some more alongside your porch, fence and driveway. If you’re not much of a gardener, you can always select low-maintenance plants that need very little care and still look gorgeous all year round. And if you feel like your front yard could benefit from something more extra, feel free to use decorative planters instead of just placing the plants straight into the ground.

It’s time for some paintwork

Nothing makes as much difference for both the interior and exterior as a fresh coat of paint. In that respect, if your fence, porch, window frames and other potential structures you have in your front yard look old and worn, don’t hesitate to repaint them. You can always experiment with contrasting shades compared to your home, but if that’s not for you, simply pick the neutrals or the colors matching your home exterior for the rest. 

Replace your doors

Look carefully at your front porch and doors. When you properly analyze what you see, you can probably tell that doors make a huge difference. And if you’re not satisfied with the current doors, it’s time to replace them! When you install new entrance doors, you’ll automatically boost the overall curb appeal but also improve the safety of your home at the same time. After all, newer door models tend to be sturdier and more secure compared to the older ones. 

Accessorize and accentuate

Have you ever considered the impact that your house number, mailbox and other details have on your curb appeal? Even though you may not pay a huge deal of attention to these aspects of your home, they are definitely a big part of the whole exterior aesthetic. That said, you should look into new house numbers that are elegant, stylish and large enough. Furthermore, if your mailbox is really worn out, don’t try to revive it with paint but replace it completely with a modern model that matches the style of your home in general. And let’s not forget about the cracks in the driveway; aside from a thorough clean with a pressure hose, make sure to fix any damages as well.

Boost your lighting

A big part of curb appeal is the lighting you use for your front porch as well as other outdoor areas. Essentially, motion sensor lighting is the most popular choice as it saves energy and acts as a smart prevention measure against burglars. But, you should also take the time to carefully select the lighting fixtures for your front porch so that they, too, boost your curb appeal. And it’s not just about the entrance lights. LED outdoor lights along the driveway or on the fence look especially beautiful when it’s dark outside; not to mention just how functional and useful they are. 

You don’t need extensive renovation work to improve your home’s curb appeal. Most of the above-mentioned projects can be completed over just one weekend. That said, work at your own pace but consistently towards the goal you wish to achieve. 

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