Backyard Makeover Ideas to Get Ready for Summer

With summer practically already here, it would only be logical to make the most out of your own backyard oasis to enjoy the warmth, fresh air and nice summer weather. But, even if you don’t feel that your backyard is 100% ready for summer, you still have the time to take up some simpler projects that will transform your backyard and get it ready for this wonderful season. In the end, just a little bit of your effort and creativity can go a long way!

Take care of the landscape

First things first – in order to spruce up your backyard for the summer fun, you should definitely take care of the greenery. The first task is the simplest: mow your lawn. If you want to be able to enjoy spending time in your backyard on your own or together with your family and friends, overgrown grass is redundant. When it comes to decorative plants and shrubbery, make sure to get rid of the weed around the plants you already have. You can also beautify the entire yard by planting annuals in strategic spots or using planters for an even more personal look. Of course, you can opt for year-round plants and shrubs if you’re not much of a green thumb.

Add a garden path and a patio

Now this is where things get more interesting. You obviously need a patio in order to enjoy the outdoors in your backyard. A garden path may be a little extra, but it would definitely complete the look. What’s more, there are plenty of garden path DIY ideas for you to explore so that you can find one that suits your budget, skills and style. For the patio, it would be enough to pour concrete in the designated area or use tile molds. Obviously, if you already have a patio or a deck and even a garden path, just make sure to give them a proper clean with a pressure hose.

Protect yourself from the sun

Even though you want to enjoy the summer weather, sun rays can be very damaging. Not to mention that summer storms can spoil the relaxing moments as well. In order to protect yourself from the elements fully and still get to enjoy the outdoors, install shade sails to get an appropriate cover for your patio/deck area. These are a great budget-friendly option if you don’t actually want to invest in building a covered roof. Not to mention that you can set these up on your own as well.

Find the right furniture

If you already have outdoor furniture, make sure to let it air properly and give it a thorough cleaning. But, in case you have to buy outdoor furniture, you may want to check the local flea markets as you can easily get a bargain. Plastic chairs and desks are the most popular choice. However, some people like the vintage vibe of iron sets while others enjoy wooden tables and benches more. And if you don’t mind investing, a nice sectional is always a great solution. Pick what you like and what your budget allows you to create a comfy and relaxing outdoor environment. And with an outdoor grill, your summer days and evenings will definitely get infinitely more fun.

Light your backyard up

Most people prefer spending time outdoors in their backyard during the summer evenings and nights if the days are too hot. What’s more, friend gatherings are perfect in the evening when everyone’s back from work. But, you can’t enjoy your time outside if you’re in complete darkness. This is why it’s important to add appropriate lighting. Sometimes, simple torches and lights along the garden path or patio/deck will suffice. But, you might be interested in installing motion-sensor lighting as it will help you save energy as well as act as a countermeasure for some shady people.

If you’re worried about the insects spoiling your summer evenings in the backyard, you can get citronella candles and arrange them at specific spots. Moreover, if you decide to go for torches as a lighting solution, you can use these as an insect repellent as well.

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