Are Impact Windows Better Than Shutters?

Miami is known for beautiful beaches that are so naturally beautiful and extensive enough, it is also known for good weather all through the year and also sunshine.Although there are occasional tropical storms and hurricanes in Miami and hence there is a need for every homeowner to buy impact windows in Miami. To provide proper protection of your windows especially during hurricanes, it is essential to consider the use of shutters or impact windows as both provide protection.

Although shutters are cheaper in price and installation, there don’t offer better services than impact windows and hence below are some of the benefits as to why you should consider using impact windows over shutters for hurricanes protection.

- Impact windows are one-time installation.

Using shutters for hurricanes protections it merely means that you will be replacing the shutters after every hurricane, which turn to be very expensive in the long run as compared to impact shutters which are one time installation protection and will provide protection for a quite long period without demanding for replacement.

Shutters turn out not to provides proper protection when irregular hurricanes occur without replacing the shutters damaged in the previous one.

- Impact windows have improved energy efficiency.

During the winter season the electricity bill may turn out to be too much if you don’t have adequately laid strategies to save on energy. When you use impact windows, you will be able to retain heat in your house during the cold winter season hence reducing with a great amount on the power bill. For this reason, impact windows turn to be better than shutters as they also help in saving electric bill.

- Impact windows offer proper protection as compared to shutters.

The reason why we construct houses is shelter and protection, with the use impact windows you are assured of proper protection from buglers who may attempt to break in your home and steal your valuable things, other than protection against buglers, impact windows also offer proper protection against debris that fly in the air during hurricanes.

- Impact windows have a better appearance than shutters.

The reason why we decorate the exterior and the interior of our houses is because of the aesthetic value that is a virtue to a majority; impact windows are more pleasant in look than shutters especially after a storm.

For shutters, you need to replace them after every storm, and if you don’t they may look too bad, and they don’t even allow any light into the house if not replaced after a hurricane.

- Impact windows offer proper UV protection.

Having that Miami receives sunlight all through the year, it is good to get impact windows that protect UV rays which decolorizes your valuable interior and artwork in your house, as compared to shutters which allow UV rays into your house.

- Impact windows ensure reduced noise.

For people who may be living near a highway they may be experiencing a lot of noise from outside, but with the use of impact windows, you are protected against excessive noise from outside as compared to shutters which cannot control sound from outside.With the many benefits of impact windows, if you live in Miami, you should now go for impact windows and not shutters anymore.

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