6 Preventable Causes of AC Compressor Failure

You may have heard many times that your Air Conditioner’s compressor is referred to as the heart of the AC, and that is for two good reasons. The first reason is that your system won’t function without it. Secondly, it’s responsible for compressing and pumping the liquid that removes humidity and heat from the air, keeping you cool and comfortable.

The best thing about the compressor is that it’s a reliable component, with a lifespan of up to 15 years if well maintained. If this component fails, it can be as a result of several preventable issues that cause stress on the system. Read through to discover six main problems that can be detected and eliminated during regular maintenance visits:

1. Filthy condenser coils

The buildup of dirt, dust, and even mineral deposits on your condenser coils can choke the system so that heat is not effectively expelled.


With an increased accumulation of these foreign materials in the coils, your system has to run constantly trying to keep the space cool. That, however, leads to increased pressure and temperature that makes the system overheat and come up short.

2. Clogged refrigerant lines

The refrigerant is pumped through the refrigerant lines by the compressor system, and should the lines get blocked, the first thing you’ll have to notice is that the unit isn’t cooling effectively.

On the off chance that the problem is not solved, pressure and temperature will buildup in the system, and eventually, cause an AC compressor failure.

3. Too much refrigerant

If a less qualified person works on your AC and adds too much coolant or even the wrong type, you can say goodbye to your compressor system. Seriously, however, you need to ensure that you hire the best miami air conditioning repair expert, because too much refrigerant makes the compressor to overwork and fail.

4. Low refrigerant charge

If the refrigerant leaks through a crack or hole, there is a shortage that will lead to overworking of the system. A straining compressor unit will more than likely eventually fail if the problem is not addressed early enough.

5. Wrong suction line size

If a refrigerant line malfunctions and develops leaks, hire a professional AC technician to replace it for you. A line that is too small or larger than what should be on your system can make the compressor unit fail prematurely.

6. Inadequate lubrication

Think of the lubricant in the compressor unit in much the same way lubricant works in a car engine. Your compressor unit needs to stay lubricated for it to function efficiently, which is why you need to have it checked for low lubrication levels. If there isn’t enough lubricant, the system can suffer failure after some time.

In summary,

AC compressor repairs or replacements are quite costly and could set you back financially, but with regular maintenance, you should be good to go. Just ensure that you hire experienced technicians by researching carefully before finally choosing someone to handle your AC system to avoid getting inconvenienced.

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